Ideas Not Promises

To achieve our greatest potential as a community requires a shared vision and teamwork. Based on many conversations with residents of all ages across our community, I feel that our current Town Vision still resonates overall with each of us:

“The Town of Okotoks fosters a culture of resiliency - where people, businesses, ideas and sense of community thrive. Grounded by the Sheep River valley and supported by thoughtful planning and design, a strong local economy and a vibrant civic culture, Okotoks offers exceptional quality of life at every stage of life. Respect for each other and the natural environment makes Okotoks home.”

I see some key strategic IDEAS that I feel will move our community closer to this vision over the next 4 years:

  • Develop new community investment opportunities by:
  • Building partnerships with investors that move strategic initiatives forward.
  • Promoting Okotoks as the destination for entertainment, shopping, recreation and business.
  • Advancing the North industrial corridor and partnership with the Alberta Foothills Industrial Corridor Association (AFICA) to develop industrial land and grow non-residential investment – with its many benefits.
  • Creating of a film industry policy to nurture Okotoks as a filming destination.
  • Creating a small festival/events attraction strategy that leverages our exceptional facilities and deepens our social connectivity as a community.
  • Enhance housing diversity and community affordability by:
  • Building on partnerships with private industry for innovative housing development.
  • Increasing professional work opportunities available locally.
  • Continue to invest in incentive programs for re-development projects.
  • Understanding the value proposition of Okotoks by:
  • Improving the understanding of services received for tax dollars invested.
  • Continuing to evaluate and determine best-service levels for all services.
  • Creating opportunities to diversify our non-residential tax base.
  • Foster and build community relationships by:
  • Engaging with you regularly and consistently to build a stronger connection to local government and our administration team.
  • Bringing community input forward to help shape the Town of Okotoks policies.
  • Nurturing stronger municipal communication of initiatives.
  • Creation of a Mayor’s Youth Council to give our next generation a greater voice in community initiatives.
  • Developing ways to move the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action forward.

My commitment to the pursuit of excellence will require us to continue to challenge the status quo and to take concrete steps to achieve a community we all feel part of and are proud of.

Why am I only sharing IDEAS with you and not PROMISES of what I will do?

As Mayor I am only 1 of 7 votes on Council. I cannot promise you my ideas will happen. To move an idea forward will require at least 3 of my colleagues to agree. I will advocate for ideas I believe are helpful to achievement of vision. But I will also listen and encourage other good ideas to come forward, and come to life.

What I can promise is that:
  • I will listen to your ideas, concerns and that I will bring those perspectives forward.
  • I will make decisions based on what’s best for the collective, not for any individual or single group, based on all of the information available to me.
  • I will communicate with you about initiatives being considered and the rationale around decisions that are made.

It is possible you will not agree with all these ideas. You will likely not have agreed with some of my past decisions. This is okay. We aren’t always going to agree and align on absolutely everything.

If you CAN agree that I have always put thought, time and reflection into my decisions, and that I’ve done so ethically, with my values uncompromised and have voted with what I have felt to be best for our community, then I urge you to support me as your next Mayor.

Reason #4 to Vote Thorn for Mayor on October 18, 2021.

Ideas Matters