Why Tanya


I am passionate about Okotoks… the people and businesses that choose our community as their home. Okotoks has a proud history and a promising future. My vision for Okotoks continues to be building a community that focuses on our children both of today & tomorrow. It is a complete community that appeals to every life stage. It provides exciting and professional opportunities for work and business. It is a destination for entertainment, food, work and sports both for our local community and the broader region. We are spending our money locally and are building strong connections that strengthen our resilience.

To achieve our goals, we are in need of fresh energy to understand what it takes to lean into opportunities for advancement and growth. We are in need of creativity, innovation, and inspiration in our ideas and actions. Greatness happens through deliberate change. I am committed to our community and dedicated to an approach that is collaborative and progressive.

But I can’t do it alone. I need you to be an active part of the solution. Let’s work together to create a community where possibilities are realized. Where Okotoks provides first class services; builds innovative housing that meets the needs of every demographic & life stage; offers an inspired environment for businesses wanting to make Okotoks home; and has top notch facilities that showcase all the strength and talents of our community. For our community to thrive we need to be willing to continually challenge ourselves to be better.

If you are looking for an authentic, open & transparent leader who is willing to listen and collaborate with community on solutions that shape our direction then Vote Tanya Thorn on October 18, 2021

Over the next few months I will be connecting with the community to hear your ideas and input. If you want to hear more or get involved connect with us today.