I am Tanya Thorn and
I am running for

Passionate about community, living outside the box & creating solutions!

About Me

I wear many hats in life a mother, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, Town Councillor, AUMA Vice President, Director Towns South, volunteer, community advocate. I am a small town girl with a desire to serve my community.

My Track Record

Over the past 8 years I have a track record of asking the hard questions, pushing boundaries, challenging our community and Administration to find solutions and think outside of the box. I have actively engaged with our community and ensured they had the facts on what was occurring at the Council table.

Highlights from my past 4 years:

  • New Municipal Development Plan
  • Priority Based Budgeting & 4 year budget
  • Investment in Affordable Housing
  • Development of Industrial Business Incentives
  • Creation of Arts & Learning Campus
  • New Land Use Bylaw
  • Utility Management Review
  • Leadership during COVID-19
  • Mental Health Advocate
  • Creation of a Governance Framework
  • Governance Training:
    • Institute of Corporate Directors Designation (ICD.D)
    • Cybersecurity & Social Media
    • Financial Essentials
    • Oversight of Strategy
    • Managing Corporate Culture
  • Leadership Development
    • Compassionate, Collaborative and Inclusive Leadership: Anti-racism Capacity Building Course
    • Art of Leadership for Women
    • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Elected Officials Training:
    • Regional Partnerships and Collaboration
    • Munis 101: Essentials of Municipal Governance

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